Nelson Mandela a true hero

By: Angel A. and Kevin B.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born in a high rank of society because his father was the leader of Them bu as stated by an Achieve article named Mandela Made History on the second paragraph and second line. Like all of the people he was affected by the rules of the government made by white people in their government. Soon the government passed a law the segregated the white people and the black people. While in the university Nelson to part on a protest against segregation and for the rights of the black people. He was later expelled by the school so Nelson had to move to another place to finish his studies also stated in Mandela made history on the second paragraph final line. Nelson continued to protest and also joined African National Congress or ANC. Nelson had been arested many times. One time Nelson joined an illegal organization and for treason. The government imprisoned him for a life time. Leaders from other countries saw Nelson as a symbol so they demand for his release. After a long struggle finally they allowed black people to be in the government and Nelson became the first president. He did his best to make everyone equal, but lately last year he passed away and may people were astonished.