Stephen Balas

Looking for people with three semesters of calculus, two semesters of probability and statistics, two semesters of economics, one or two semesters of corporate finance, business communications and a well-rounded group of liberal arts courses.

The skills developed and honed by successful actuaries include an excellent business sense with knowledge of finance, accounting, and economics; keen analytical, project management, and problem solving skills; specialized math knowledge; strong computer skills; and solid written and oral communication skills.

In addition, actuaries enjoy learning, like to solve complicated problems, enjoy writing and talking to people, can work effectively alone or as part of a team, are interested in a variety of historical, social, legislative, and political issues, and are self-motivated achievers.

Want a second option? It's probably not better than ours....

  1. 2275 Swallow Hill Rd

    (412) 278-4830

    W & W Actuarial Services, Inc.

  2. 437 Grant St

    (412) 263-0102

    Dunbar Bender & Zapf Inc

  3. 4232 Brownsville Rd

    (412) 881-3435

    Phoenix Benefits Group Inc

  4. 1910 Cochran Rd

    (412) 343-7601

    R G Benefit Services Inc

  5. 444 Liberty Ave

    (412) 394-9330

    Cowden Associate

  6. 1910 Cochran Rd

    (412) 343-7077

    Bruce & De Persis

Your pay grade will roughly reflect $7,960 x years experience +$61,158

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