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January 16, 2015


This week we continued our study of figurative language and focused specially on the difference between similes and metaphors. Students practiced by changing similes into metaphors and vice versa. After reading a poem "Metaphor for a Family," where the poet describes her family as items in a medicine chest, students interpreted why the poet described her mother as tweezers, her father as a band-aid, and her dog as a cotton ball. This poem inspired students to use metaphoric poetry to describe their own families.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, students took their Winter I-Ready Reading Test. Students then conferenced with me about their progress.


Our Division of Decimals Unit continued this week. Student used models to show a decimal divided by a decimal. They also learned that the powers of 10 relationship (x 10; x 100; x 1000), allows them to move the decimal points in the divisor and the dividend to still get the same quotient. (720 / 80 = 9; 72 / 8 = 9; 7.2 / .8 = 9; .72 / .08 = 9) They used this pattern to solve long division problems that included a decimal in the divisor (Lesson 5.6 in the textbook). They also began adding a zero in the dividend so they could find the exact answer.

Our test on this unit will be next Friday, Jan. 23. Please feel free to have your child take home their math book to practice extra problems. On Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, students will take their Winter I-Ready Math Test. It is best if your child has had plenty of rest and a good breakfast on these days.

Social Studies/Science

In Social Studies, students learned how the Articles of Confederation created a weak national government. They used an online note taking site called Stormboard to record events that led to Shay's Rebellion. On Friday, students began a Readers' Theatre to reinact possible discussion of our forefathers during the Constitutional Convention.

In science, students learned that motion is measured using speed, velocity, and/or acceleration. They practiced using the formula for speed (distance/time) in our speed investigation. Students made ramps at varying heights and determined its effect on the marble's speed. During this investigation, students also reviewed the scientific method and how to create line graphs.

Next Week's Specials' Calendar:

Monday, Jan. 19 - No School: MLK Day

Tuesday, Jan 20. - Day 1: Music

Wednesday, Jan. 21 - Day 2: PE

Thursday, Jan. 22 - Day 3: Art

Friday, Jan. 23 - Day 4: Library

Upcoming Events:


1/19- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Day

1/20 & 1/21- I -Ready Math Test

1/20 PTA Meeting 7:00pm: The speaker will be Sonya Richardson-Thomas. She is a child therapist and will be talking about building your child's self-esteem in regards to learning and school related topics. She is a mother of three grown children, past LPS school board member, and has a huge heart for kids. She comes with some great information.

1/29 - Discovery Middle School counselors visit LO (8:30-9:00 am) to present enrollment information. Students will be bringing home information about electives they can sign up for.


2/3 - "In Love with Books" day - wear red, pink, purple

2/3 - Parent Information Night at Discovery Middle School

2/5 - Counselors will visit each 5th grade class to help students complete online enrollment for middle school elective classes. (8:45 am)

2/6 - Valentine's Party

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