Internet Saftey

By- Jordan Nelson

Keep your passwords safe!

Treat your passwords like toothbrushes, don't let anyone use them, and change them regularly!
How to Choose Strong Passwords

The Grandma Rule and How to Use it.

The Grandma Rules are... 1- If you wouldn't show your Grandma, then don't post it. 2- If you wouldn't say it to your Grandma, then don't say it. 3- If you wouldn't text it to your Grandma, then don't send it. Last but not least, 4- If you wouldn't say it on the phone to your Grandma, then don't say it on the phone.
Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Your Digital Footprint.

All about your Digital Footprint and how to make a good Digital Footprint
Your Digital Footprint

Tips and Information on How to Shop Online Safely.

Shopping online safely is very important, people can steal your identity and your credit card number. They could buy expensive things, or anything online as long as they have your credit card number. You would be charged for buying all this stuff when you didn't want or need it. Stay safe!
Tips for safe and simple online shopping

Cyber Bullies, and How to Deal With Them

How to deal with Cyber Bullies and what to do.
How to Beat Cyberbullies

Never Share You're Personal Information When You're Online.

When you're online, make sure that you are never sharing you're personal information to anyone. Even if you know who the person is, and you are sharing your account information so they can get on it... Anyone can trace what you send to that person. Keep your information safe!
Online Security: Keeping Your Content Safe- Demandforce Whiteboard

How to Set Privacy Setting for Your Accounts

Go into the settings and look until you find privacy setting. Make sure that only friends can see your stuff and that NOBODY can see your personal information. As for, email, phone number, and other things like that. Below is a video on how to do that for Facebook.
A Guide To Staying Safe On Facebook

Child Safety on the Internet

How to stay safe on the internet for kids.
5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe On The Internet

Keeping Your Teens Safe Online.

How to keep teens safe while online.
Online Danger: Keeping teens safe with who they meet online By Umberto Faraglia

Safe Web Browsers

Kid Safe Web Browser | Protect your child online Internet