October Guidance Newsletter

In Review

Hello teachers! Thank you for scheduling in some time for me during September to come in and do lessons with your students. I hope I can get into even more classrooms this month! With the first quarter nearly finished some of our students might be getting the reality check with report cards that maybe they aren't doing quite as well as they hoped. With that in mind I've come up with lessons to hopefully help motivate, organize and support our students. Below you'll find descriptions, please email me if you are able to schedule in some time for me to come in. Thanks again!
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Small Group Counseling Grades 4 & 5

I want to offer a small group for students in 4th and 5th grade that offers support for students struggling in getting their assignments completed, studying adequately for tests and being organized and prepared for class. If you have a student you'd like to suggest please let me know via email so I can meet with the student and get permission slips sent home as soon as possible. The group would meet once a week for about 40 minutes for 4 weeks. I'm hoping to begin the week of October 19th.

Classroom Lessons

Pre-K and Kindergarten - Read aloud and activity with, "A Bad Case of Tattle Tale Tongue" - by Julia Cook (30 min)

1st and 2nd - Game of "Classroom Life" Adapted version of game of Life to highlight how good behaviors lead to a win (30-40min)

3rd and 4th - Smart Goal Setting & "Triumph" Magic Trick (30min)

5th - 8th - Smart Goal Setting & Malala Yousafzai clip and discussion (20-30min)

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