Immigrants facing economic problems

Is it possible for immigrants to get a stable job?

Language Barriers and Education

Students coming into our country not only have trouble adjusting to american high schools, but completing it as well. Texas studies show that in 2007 only half as much students graduated from high school. This restricts 71% of immigrants or children of immigrants. "Governments must distinguish between commonsense uses for languages - such as for emergency services... 'fewer immigrants but a warmer welcome for those admitted,'" today's immigrants battle against limited access compared to the average american.

Immigration Laws

These laws prevent any illegal immigrant to have an official job. These leads most immigrants to work in undocumented labor, such as maids, construction workers, and janitors. "Nationwide, unauthorized immigrants are clustered in a few occupations, notably farming, fishing and forestry (26 percent of the workforce), building and grounds (17 percent), and construction and mining (14 percent). They comprise 24 percent of all groundskeepers, 23 percent of domestic workers and 20 percent of those in clothing manufacture." Most immigrants are only given a few choices because immigration laws restrict them from getting an official income, these jobs usual come with below minimum wage income and no benefits.

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