April 12, 2019

UpComing Dates

Saturday - April 13

12 pm Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday - April 14

8:15 and 10:45 Church - LPS Choir Here

Monday - April 15

Lion's Vision Screening

4th Grade WISCO Roundup

6:15 pm WISCO Grade School Band

7 pm Holy Monday Devotion

Tuesday - April 16 Band Lessons


Sanctuary Piano tuning Afternoon

9:15 am Practice for Good Friday Song

12 pm Operations Team Meeting

7 pm Holy Tuesday Devotion

Wednesday - April 17

2nd and 3rd @ Weather Day

8:45 am Chapel Buch

7:00 pm Holy Wednesday Devotion

Thursday - April 18

7:30 am 5-8 Meeting

3:45 and 7 pm Maundy Thursday Services

Friday - April 19

8:45 am Practice for Good Friday Service

1 pm Good Friday Service

7 pm Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Saturday - April 20

7:41 pm Easter Vigil Service

Sunday - April 21

6:30 am Easter Sunrise Service

7:30 am Easter Breakfast

9 and 10:45 am Easter Festival Service

Devotion Leader

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  • We are testing this week.
  • If you got a screening sheet 3K, 4K and K please fill it out. It is needed by Monday Morning.
  • Please set aside Saturday, May 4th for the track meet if you are able to help.
  • We will rehearse on Tuesday at 9:15 and Friday at 8:45 next week.
  • We will do the Tornado Drill on Thursday as it is the national tornado drill day.
  • Call Meeting Wednesday After the second Lenten service.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work every week. We could not do everything that we do without it.


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10 Ideas for Digital and Analog Exit Tickets

One of the biggest parts of a lesson missed is the closing. Here are some ideas that can help.

Great and Powerful Graphic Organizer

This article talks about the importance of using GOs and then gives some example uses.

How to teach students about Copy Right

Digital Citizenship is all of our jobs as teachers. We need to be teaching our students how to correctly filter and use the resources on the internet. Just because we can copy and paste that does not mean it is always the best way.

Below is the link the the Website. Everything is also in the Faculty Drive in the MAPs Folder.

IXL Curriculum Page