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Umbrian Discovery from Venice to Rome

The ideal trip around Italy is when you arrive in Venice, go through Umbria and end your trip in Rome covering all the major spots of Italy that need to be visited if you are taking a trip to Italy. There are numerous places to visit which interest almost every age group. From the historical sites to the vineyards and a food destination, Italy has been a priority when it comes to choosing a destination for a holiday trip. Situated in the heart of modern Italy, Umbria is a combination of both historic and the modern city. This is the only city that is far from coastal line and non sharing border with other countries. There is artistic legacy, landscapes, historical and traditional culture waiting to be explored.

When arrived in the city of canals, Venice which is constructed over an archipelago of around hundred islands, which are interlinked with over four hundred bridges. It is still an affluent capital for artistic masterpieces. There is amalgamation of modern life style and the ancient historical life. The food, art, culture and architecture are a temptation around the world. Either you take the trip of Venice by foot or by boat you will be mesmerized by the grandeur of the city both ways.

The next spot to open your eyes for is Umbria. This place offers you some of the world’s best museums, beautiful tombs and breath taking work of collection of art. It is Also known for its Umbria Jazz Festival, Todi festival and Perugia classico. You can even go hiking to Mt. Ingino for a striking view of the countryside along with the view of Gubbio. Umbrian night and clubbing night is one of a kind. Further in Spello, you can taste the world’s most amazing wine and food, also pay a visit to St. Franciscan cathedral remarked for its gorgeous structure.

Next you may visit the Vatican city of Rome. This place is jam packed with museums, churches, night life, designer shops, world’s finest restaurants, cafes and the ancient architecture. Not to forget, the renowned sights like the Arch of Constantine, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Forum and the Colosseum. This trip around Italy will serve as contentment to the eyes of the visitor.