Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion can now be used as an energy source!


My name is Caroline Barnhill. I work with my scientist, Amina Cebo. We recently discovered how to get energy from nuclear fusion on May 4th. We were working in the lab trying to fuse two atoms of hydrogen together. When we did it produced a vast amount of energy!

How does nuclear fusion produce energy?

Nuclear fusion produces energy when two atoms join together to form one atom. Hydrogen atoms come together and form helium atoms, neutrons, and lots of energy. Nuclear fission is different because energy is formed when one atom splits into two atoms. High-energy neutrons split uranium, letting out energy.

Safety Concerns

Nuclear fusion is actually a lot more safe than nuclear fission. Nuclear fission can release harmful radiation and uncontrollable energy. Nuclear fusion does not release either.

Economic Impact

Nuclear fusion has benefited economically by providing more jobs and paying taxes. Each year it pays around $67 million in federal taxes and $16 million in state and local taxes. Nuclear energy has provided 100,000 high-paying American jobs.