By: Camden S.


One of the wettest spots in the world is the town of Tutunendo. it gets around 460 inches. (1,168cm) of rain each and every year. Colombia also has the 10th largest mangrove swamps in the world. Colombia is the only South American country to have a coast on two oceans, such as the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean.

Historical issues

Between 1990 and 2000 there were 26,985 civilian murders, related to the armed conflict in the military operations. There were 9,087 homicides in 1983 increased to 28,284 in 1993, this trend has decreased in recent years. In 1995 there were 92 homicides.

Here's Colombia's presidant

Presidant Juan Manuel Santos

Issues in Colombia today

In Colombia's environment problems the biggest is there soil problems it is called soil erosion. This has resulted in a huge loss of vegetation for their country.


Coffee production in Colombia has a reputation as the best in the world!
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