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Week of April 13th

Note from the LCHS Admin Team

Good Morning Lion Family,

It is hard to believe a month ago we released early for Spring Break due to the coronavirus. We hope you and your family are safe and adjusting to our current situation. Please reach out to your child’s teacher, counselor, or administrator if there is anything we can do. We ask you to partner with our teachers these last six weeks to make the most of remote learning.

Thank you to Mrs. Rice and our Student Council for organizing weekly virtual spirit weeks. Follow @lakecreek_stuco for these updates. In addition, we have built a great webpage for the Class of 2020. We want to celebrate this incredible class. Click here for the Class of 2020.

Thank you for completing our Parent Survey. We have shared results with our faculty and staff. Students were sent a survey on their school email. Please encourage them to fill out the short survey. As we plan for the next school year, please make sure your child's Course Selection Forms are turned into their counselor ASAP.

We are all heartbroken by the interruption of normal school operations, but trust that there are brighter days ahead. We are encouraged to hear of continued recovery for Mr. Eaton. Thank you for staying connected to our great Lake Creek community. Have a great week!

LCHS Admin Team

9th grade Christie Fleming christina.fleming@misd.org

10th grade Chris Stowe chris.stowe@misd.org

11th grade Bill Tommaney billy.tommaney@misd.org

12th grade and Curriculum Kathy Miller kathy.miller@misd.org

Note from the Counselor

Course Selection Forms are DUE as soon as possible. Please email those yellow forms to your Counselor.

Dual Credit Packet: You can now complete these online (including an electronic signature). If you're planning to take dual credit courses next year, please take time to complete this packet and email it to your counselor.

Path to DC Forms: LCHS Counseling Center website >>>Dual Credit Information tab>>> Digital DC Registration Packet for HS Students

Counseling Team

Jo Hawk: A-B and Lead Counselor jo.hawk@misd.org

Ryan Rees: C-H ryan.rees@misd.org

Deidra Bartholomew: I-Q deidra.bartholomew@misd.org

Lisa Bishop: R-Z lisa.bishop@misd.org
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A Note from College and Career

Did you have a college tour planned? Well we have Virtual Tours for you.

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Morgan Blancas

College & Career Counselor

Lake Creek High School

Montgomery ISD



Note from Technology - Getting Connected!

Are you having trouble connecting? Visit our tech support page for LCHS. Most questions will be answered on this page. If not, there are links to request help. We are here and we want to get you connected!

Take Care of Yourself

CDC now recommends you wear a mask in public where you can’t avoid being near people, like in grocery stores, pharmacies & healthcare settings CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Remember though, your local authorities may have already issued a specific order re: masks. #StayHomeTexas

Student Council Spirit Week

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Celebrating our Seniors

Class of 2020 Website

Check out our senior website

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Did you know...(Fun facts from our faculty)

- Mrs. Hubbard has very large feet. She wears a size 11 tennis shoe! Cortney Hubbard

- I’m the crazy husky lady! We have 6 huskies and a Great Dane! Not to mention 2 cats, a beaded dragon, 3 chickens and 9 baby chicks! (Plus a human kiddo and another on the way!) Alyssa Hart

- I have my own wood shop and have built quite a few pieces of furniture in our house. Alison Rice

- I walk at least 2, sometimes 3 times a day to keep the blood flowing and connected to the outside world from a safe distance of course. Molly Attebery

- I'm a member of my university's athletic Hall of Fame. Or I love skydiving. Or I have pictures of my son, when he was three weeks old, being held by Hakeem Olajuwan, Charles Barkley and Rudy Tomjanavich. Tina Lorance

- On Valentine’s Day of 2020 my wife and I placed first in a doubles bowling tournament. Matthew Martinez

- My family was in Fort Tobacco Maryland in 1640. My grandmothers side of family went west then south from there. My Grandfathers side of the family went south then west from there. My grandparents met in Dallas Texas in the 1930s. Wendy Kerchner

Note from Athletics

The Lions Boys Basketball team had a historic season in just its second year. Lake Creek reached the Region III Semi-Finals of the UIL State Playoffs. The Lions finished the season with a 27-12 overall record and a 15-3 district record. The Lions finished the season ranked #16 in Texas. Many records were set throughout the year. The Lions made 315 3's and shot a state best 77% from the FT line. Each and every member of the team played a role in the teams success. Our post season accolades:

A Note from The Royals

The Royals had a spectacular year this year! They earned countless awards at both of their competitions, including earning back to back Grand Champions! They were working hard preparing for Spring Show before we let out for spring break. Stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages for more information coming out soon about our virtual Spring Show! We are looking forward to celebrating our 3 seniors; Laken Mize, Cydney Cassidy and Bailey Griffin. They have dedicated so much to our program and we will miss them each dearly! We have welcomed 41 members to our 2020-2021 Royals 3rd Line and are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Chelsea Peverill - Director

Tammy Szymczak - Assistant Director

A Note from Robotics

The Lake Creek High School robotics teams were highly successful in our second year as a program. In our class, students learn to design, build, program, and drive robots to perform many different functions. Throughout the year, we are fortunate to be able to have students put their skills to the test through different competitions. The two main competitions we participate in are BEST Robotics and VEX Robotics.

At the beginning of the year, we participated in BEST Robotics. The challenge was to create a robot that could restore power to a city by reattaching downed power lines (ropes), installing underground cables (PVC pipes) and reattach transformers (Velcro cylinders). The students were very creative in their approach to this challenge, and as a first-year team, they finished 5th in the performance portion of the competition. Our school earned the distinction, and received a plaque for, “Rookie Team of the Year”. We are looking to expand this program to incorporate other groups throughout the school so that we, as a school, can move on to the UIL State Championship next year.

From November to March, we competed in VEX Robotics tournaments. At the beginning of the season, we fielded 3 teams comprised of students from the Advanced Robotics class at LCHS. This year, the challenge was to use 5.5” cubes to make stacks in a scoring zone and to lift cubes in the air and place them on a raised platform. Each time they participated in a tournament, they would come back to class and make revisions to their robots so that they would be more efficient in scoring during the next tournament. After Christmas, the Intro to Robotics students had learned enough to start competing with their own designs, and we were able to field two more teams. Our teams were highly competitive and we were able to take 4 out of 5 teams to the South Texas VEX Robotics Regional State Championship. Three of the four teams made it to the playoff rounds. One team was one win away from securing their spot in the VEX World Championships for the 2nd year in a row. After this tournament, two teams, one from the intro to robotics class, and one from the advanced class, were invited to take part in the VEX Robotics 5A Championship. Those same two teams were also in line to receive and invitation to the VEX World Championship due to their solid skills ranking (top 15% in the WORLD!!!). Unfortunately, our journey was cut short with the closing of events around the world. Regardless of how it ended, or would have ended, I am extremely proud of the amount of hard work and determination that this group of students displayed throughout the year.

I can’t wait to get this all started up again next year!