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In The Oracle Betrayed - Catherine Fisher

The God is Being Betrayed

Listen... I will trust you. There's no one else, and I will be dead soon. The Speaker is corrupt. The Oracle is being betrayed. Burn this. Stay Alive.

"Even gods dream.

I dream of water, of how it falls, the plop of the great hot drops on the desert, the hollow pits they make in the sand; how the parched land drinks them instantly."


This book takes place in Ancient Egypt. The desert is very hot and dry and soon the people living there are running low on water. The people are struggling to find things to help them stay alive. Meanwhile, the Egyptian god is supposed to be speaking to the people and giving them advice. But, the translator or Speaker can not understand the god and she starts making things up. There is one girl that can hear the god and translate what he is saying. She has to save everyone and bring rain to the desert.
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Meet the Author

Catherine Fisher worked in teaching and archaeology before becoming a full-time writer. The Oracle Betrayed is her first work published in the United States. Catherine Fisher lives in Newport, Wales. Catherine Fisher is a poet and author of children's fiction. She has also won many awards for her work and her book was shortlisted for the Whitbread Children's Book Prize.