Mishayla G.

About Me

I am 13 years old. I have 3 siblings. I have two brothers, and one sister. I am the youngest out of them.
I love beaches. My favorite vacation was going to the British Virgin Islands. I was on a boat for about a week and It was a mind-blowing experience. It’s like a whole other world there. I was amazed by all the sights and sounds the Islands had to offer.
I have two dogs,three horses, two bunnies, and many cats. My favorite out of all my pets is
Rascal he is playful,active,smart, and has black innocent eyes.
When I get older I want to have a career that has to do with helping people.
Main things I like to do are listen to music,shop,hang out with friends, and swim in the Summer.
One interesting fact about me is that I’ve never broken a bone.