New Jersey Twirling Association

Our Seaon Kickoff Contest: Sunday, January 29, 2023!

Introducing our Season Kickoff Contest and Mini Clinic:

Join us for the NJTA Season Kickoff! We will be welcoming all members to a mini clinic during the contest to try out new events! Don't forget to add membership to your entry!

DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 18th.

*We are introducing a new shorter Twirl & Dance music of 1 minute for beginners and new music for advance T&D.

*We are also supporting our field twirlers with Middle School, High School, and College Classic Solo!

*We are supporting the development from two baton to three baton by adding Multiple Baton Solo!

*We are hoping to help our newest athletes learn about basic marching!

*Let's also support our new soloists with First Time Solo competition!

About New Jersey Twirling Association

The New Jersey Twirling Association Inc., is dedicated to the advancement of the art of sport of baton twirling. All are welcome to compete at NJTA competitions.

Our open competition on January 29th is open to members and nonmembers. Our members-only Championship contest is on Sunday, April 23rd.

See you on January 29th!

Soloist Competition Information Sheet

Use this sheet to plan your entry.

NJTA Solo Entry Form

Late fees apply after Wed., January 18th for the NJTA Contest.

NJTA Team Entry Form-Coaches Only!

Late fees apply after Wed., January 18th for the NJTA Contest.


Sunday, Jan. 29th, 9:30am

160 Broad Street

Bloomfield, NJ

Doors Open: 9:00 am

Teams Start at 9:30 am

All Star Solist!

Don't forget to prepare for our Championship event: All Star Soloist and Jr. All Star Soloist!

The All Star Soloist is a three part event. All competitors must compete in One Baton, Two Baton, and Twirl & Dance. Winners will be calculated by combining placements from all three parts! This is a great addition to Championships! Be sure to qualify in each of the three events at an NJTA contest before Championships to compete for All Star and Jr. All Star Soloist!

Season Updates: New Events starting in February!