2nd Grade News

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Happy Friday!

The children had a great week learning more about Veteran's and Kindness Day. Mrs. Strant even came to teach us a reading lesson. Ask your child some of the fun things they learned. Next week is the field trip. Please check out the details below and contact us with any questions.

Thank you for all you do for your children!

Mrs. Hicks & Miss Larkins

Field Trip- We are asking that children wear their purple CRES shirt to the trip. If your child doesn't have one please dress them comfortably for the trip. They also need to bring a sack lunch with all disposable items. There will be no place to store Tupperware or reusable water bottles.

Scholastic- I will place one more order before I leave for maternity leave. Please place your orders by Wednesday, November 18th. Miss Larkins will most likely pass them out the week of November 30th, if they arrive before Thanksgiving I will send them earlier.

Class Code: K37LW

Native American Celebration: Please have your child bring their white shirt in by Monday so we can get those cut, dyed, and decorated for our celebration. Remember that this doesn't have to be a new shirt. An old adult shirt will work since they will be cut and dyed. If you are able to help donate any items, cut, or dye please sign up. Thanks for your help!


Monday, November 16th- Day 4 Art

Tuesday, November 17th- Day 1 Music

Wednesday, November 18th- Day 2 P.E.

Thursday, November 19th- Day 3 Computer

Friday, November 20th- Day 4- Art

Inquiry: We are finishing our inquiry projects to present to the class next week. The kids are having a fun time creating their projects together as a group!

Reading: We are continuing our unit on understanding fiction and getting a better grasp on what a major event is and how characters respond to those events.

Writing: Our unit on realistic fiction continues into next week. The kids are enjoying this unit because they get to add fiction parts into their stories. Ask them about their stories!

Math: Next week in math we will be still working on learning addition strategies. We will continue learning the standard algorithm method to solve addition problems.