New Squid ?

By ,Ash Latham- animal profile

Info on the new Squid

The cephalopod a newly discovered squid is very different from other squid.The cephalopod has spider like arms that are at minimam 7 meters long (20 feet)! It has Spidery because this squid has elbows!It has been spotted a lot in the Pacific Ocean.One sighting was made at a depth of 4,734 metres (15,534 feet) - almost five kilometres (three miles) below the surface - in the western Atlantic, off the coast of Brazil! Now that's pretty deep!The scientists speculate that the squid may be an adult member of the recently identified family called Magnapinnidae (which means "big fin"). Only juvenile squids in this family have been seen before. More research will be required, however, before the animals can be properly classified.

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