Understanding Anger

How to Cope With The Anger In Your Child

Anger in Your Child

As a parent, anger can be a difficult emotion to overcome with your child. Sometimes the key is to overlook what you were taught at a young age and teach your child to understand that anger is OK and normal.
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Talk It Out

Talking to your child about what they are feeling will help them understand what they are experiencing. It also might help your child if you talk out your anger to give the child an example of what it feels like. The goal is to cope with the anger, a child that is improperly taught that anger is bad emotion is at a higher risk of expressing their built up anger in an aggressive or destructive way.

Ways To Cope With Anger

Encourage your child to find a safe outlet to release their anger like yelling into a pillow or pushing on a wall. Make sure that your child clearly understands that hitting objects, people, or throwing things is a negative outlet. Do not let them continue these habits, this can lead to an increase in destructive behavior.