Be evil, very evil

Ur Going down.....literally down or up

Shark teeth...Hoo ha ha

There’s no doubt about it the Great White shark would definitely win the battle between a killer whale and itself.if the great white lost a tooth it would just grow back

If the great White shark loses a tooth it will just grow back. They can even lose up to 3,000 teeth and they will all grow back unlike the killer whale. Killer whales teeth can’t and don’t grow back and if the killer whale gets into a fight with the Great white shark without teeth it will absolutely be dead. It also has really sharp bumps on its teeth and can cut through anything and if they need to escape the dual. It’s still no doubt about it the Great White shark just can’t be eliminated.

Blood to the Bone

Also The Great white sharks can’t break bones because they are made of cartilage. Cartilage is stuff that yours ear is made of, and the Great White is made completely out of that cartilage. If the Great White Shark smashed against a coral wall or the Killer Whale, the Killer whale would break one of its bones but the Great White Shark would not. This proves that when the Great White Shark and the Killer Whale encounter each other, the Great White Shark is going to win the battle.

End the fight

In conclusion, the Great White Shark will triumph over the Killer Whale. Still the Great White Shark is undefeatable.