IPS Quiz

4.9 (Acidification Lab and Two Gases Lab included)

Acid Rain and Global Warming

Gasses dissolved in our atmosphere:

  1. CO2 (creates an acidic solution)
  2. Sulfur Dioxide (creates an acidic solution)
  3. Hydrogen Chloride (creates an acidic solution)
Carbonic acid=dissolved CO2

Sulfur dioxide= "acid rain" (bad for environment)


- industrial pollution

Box Questions

32. Denver (at the base of the Rocky Mountains)

33. 0.05 g/cm3 18.25 g/cm3

34. Almost all water contains toxic substances

35. Deserts were once an ocean, no rain to wash away/ dissolve solids at surface

Limestone/ Sinkholes

Limestone= porous (holds H20), soft, soluble in H20 (carbonic acid)

Florida Sinkholes occur bc...

  1. lots of limestone
  2. water underground (aquifer)
  3. once covered with ocean= soft calcium deposits (dead animals)

Sulfuric Acid Notes

Discovered in 8th century by Alchemist= Alchemy ("chemistry")

-Alchemists wanted to make gold out of rocks


-Lead Acid batteries


- Steel industry= prevents rust corrosion

-dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

Ocean Acidification

Normal Ocean pH is 8.1-8.4

- Ocean's pH decreased 0.1 (about 25%)

- lower pH means sea animals won't be able to make shells (ex...crabs, shrimp, clams...)

Post Lab For Both Labs

Two Gases....

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