Stacey's Sweet Sisters

April 2014

New Catalog Coming Soon!

This is our last month to party with the Spring Catalog! Focus on getting $300, $600, or $1200 in sales before April 15th to earn Ready Set Sell! With Ready Set Sell and the $31 Add-On Kit, you will be totally set for a fantastic Summer Selling Season!

If you have display items that are retiring, why not schedule a "Last Chance, First Glance" open house to sell cash & carry and give hostesses and customers a chance to pre-order from the summer catalog? You can also do an online auction on your VIP closed Facebook group and use the proceeds to purchase new summer products or supplies on May 1st!

Welcome, New Consultants!

We are so excited to welcome the following ladies to our team!

Melissa Neipart 3/23, Sponsored by Stacey Hyde

Karen Cruz 3/28 Sponsored by Stacey Hyde

March Top Sales

Consultant Top Sales

Sarah Sespico- $1,634

Susan Steier - $1,472

Director Top Sales

Stacey Hyde- $2,820

Nicole Duda- $2,636

Ready Set Sell Ends April 15th!

Congratulations Start Swell Earners!

Susan Steier has earned Start Swell levels 1 and 2. Way to go, Susan!!

The following ladies are still working towards Start Swell:

Dahlia Orth

Daphne Waltos

Emily Moran

Jennifer Ramos

Julie Breach

Karen Cruz

Melissa Neipart

Starting May 1st you will receive items from the Summer Start Swell program!

April Special!

Dates to Remember

April 15th- Last day to earn Ready, Set, Sell!

April 16th- New Summer Enrollment Kit Available for new consultants!

April 30th- Last Day to earn Conference Bucks!

April 30th- Last Day to submit orders for the Spring Catalog!