Section 1

My 6 word story:Globalization helps poor and rich nations.

EX. the t-shirts in the video are necessary for the poor workers in Bangladesh to support their family, but it also provides jobs in richer nations like America like America

How does Geography inter fear with how people live.

    • Here are examples of how Geography impacts where, how, and why people live where they do:

    • Lakes affect the snow and the amount of storms in the area.

    • Oceans provide food for cities and towns.

    • forests provide hunting and lumber for people.

    Globalization is:

  • international trade between companies around the world and manufacturing certain parts of a product in different /certain countries.

  • here are the Pros and cons of Globalization: The pro is that it provides jobs for people in poorer nations,(Ex. the girl in Bangladesh) BUT it takes away jobs for some people in the richer countries.(the cotton farmer, Mr. Flower)

Section 2

Maps involving


-Natural Resources



My shoe is made out of leather and mesh upper lining.

Problums of Globalization:

will decrease the population of cows and will destroy forests due to farming and raising the cattle.

Technological: Technological: ships and trucks release toxic gases into the air and they leak toxic fluids.

  • Cultural:

People Are Working In Harsh Conditions, Being Worked To Hard, And There Are Almost No Safety Regulations To Protect The Workers.

Economic: China’s government has no environmental laws so it ruins the crops and poisons the workers.

One of the solutions to Globalization is: With the technological problems, there will be new safety regulations, and some of the trucks are run by bio-diesel, which come from vegetable oil.

Section 3

How globalization affects me: It creates more jobs, so when I Enter the workforce, there will be more possibilities to get a nice/well income to support me.

6-word story:

I get my shoes from china.