be the reason someone smiles today ... show compassion

Junior High Students


Put Yourself in Someone Else's Shoes

In order to show empathy we need to be able to understand what others are feeling or going through.
Ask yourself these questions when in conflict with another person or are quick to judgement:
If this were me how might I be feeling, thinking and acting?
What 5 things have I done to show someone that I care?
Who is the person in my life that is most empathetic?
How am I like them?

How do I start being more empathetic today?

You never really understand another human being until you see things from their point of view and that may take :

  • remaining calm in a stressful situation. .. acting calm even if you don't feel that way
  • slowing your thought process down ...counting to ten ... breathing deeply
  • understanding ... think about if this were my brother or sister or someone else i love how might they feel
  • using humour instead of hurtful language
  • taking a walk to remain calm


Seeing with the eyes of another

Listening with the ears of another

Feeling with the heart of another

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