Maki Kamimura

Maki Kamimura: Avid Golfer

Japanese Culture Loved by Maki Kamimura

People are inspired and interested in a variety of cultures. Some people love the ancient cultures of the Mayans, Egyptians, or Vikings while other people take interest in modern cultures like the Japanese, Brazilian or Indian culture. Maki Kamimura is interested in the Japanese culture.

Japan is a fascinating nation. The country maintains some areas where old traditions are strictly observed. Many cultural centers still thrive and many beautiful temples remain. While Tokyo is a commonly visited city by tourists, Kyoto is a fascinating place to visit temples.

There are a variety of festivals in Japan that give citizens and international tourists a chance to see the highlights of Japanese culture. When examining a new or different culture, there are many ways to examine cultural differences. Maki Kamimura sees differences between the United States’ culture and the Japanese culture in dress, forms of travel, food, drink, and customer service. As friendly as some shop owners can be, Japan is famous for their high-tech vending machines.

Japan is a country far smaller than the United States. As a smaller nation, Japanese people travels more by train and bike than by individual automobiles. Even how people live is different, in that more citizens live in apartments than in single family homes. Maki Kamimura knows the etiquette of guests differs in each of the two nations. In Japan, it customary to bring a gift to the person you visit. Also, shoes are not worn in the home.

Maki Kamimura knows the culture of education is different too. While many public schools in the United States are resistant to adopting a school uniform, it is a fact of life for millions of Japanese school students. Similar in both nations is the desire for students to perform well. Maki Kamimura knows both countries encourage their students to get involved in school activities or extracurricular groups.

San Diego Inspires Maki Kamimura to Travel

People travel for a number of reasons and Maki Kamimura knew she wanted to travel more often after she visited the beautiful city of San Diego. As a city, San Diego has a lot to offer culturally. There is amble opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, the art created by the city’s many talented artists, and the city’s famous restaurants, nightclubs, and local wineries.

There is much to do and see around San Diego. There was so much to do and see that Maki Kamimura was inspired to travel around the world. Since visiting San Diego, California, Maki Kamimura was inspired to create a list of future places to visit. These future destinations include dream vacation in New Zealand, Fiji and Australia.

Every once in a while, people visit a place that leaves a great impression, and they are encouraged to pursue greater and more unique travel adventures. Maki Kamimura understands the desire to travel. While Maki Kamimura is familiar with San Diego, her desire is to continue her travels to greater destinations much further than San Diego or surrounding areas.

In addition to the sites the city has to offer, Maki Kamimura loves California for its golf courses. She found two of her favorite golf courses in the City of San Diego: La Jolla Country Club and Barona. While the Barona golf course is connected to a resort and casino, Maki Kamimura is only interested in the golf course.

Maki Kamimura enjoys travel. It is an interest and hobby she hopes to maintain for the rest of her life. Maki Kamimura loves San Diego and highly recommends everyone find time to visit the city. Maki Kamimura is always thinking of new travel destinations. She also thinks of different recreational activities she would enjoy at each destination. Maki Kamimura encourages people to travel for pleasure and knowledge.

Avid Golfer: Maki Kamimura

There are a wide variety of hobbies and interests that inspire people every day. Maki Kamimura happens to enjoy recreational activities and being outdoors. If one were to ask Maki Kamimura how she wanted to spend the majority of her free time, she would say golf. Maki Kamimura loves golf and has loved the sport from an early age.

Maki Kamimura recalls golf as one of her earliest memories. As a young child, she had colorful plastic golf clubs that she used to hit plastic golf balls. She enjoyed the sport so much she continued to practice her skills in the sport as she grew older. Eventually, Maki Kamimura became very skilled at the sport and she started to play on a number of different golf courses.

Maki Kamimura has picked her favorite golf courses. Her favorite courses are La Jolla Country Club and Barona in San Diego, California. Both courses offer Maki Kamimura opportunities to enjoy time outside, in the fresh air, while enjoying her favorite recreational activity.

If there was one sport Maki Kamimura would travel the world to play it would be golf. While her favorite courses are in San Diego, Maki Kamimura would love to play golf on courses around the world. In addition to golf, Maki Kamimura loves to travel. She hopes to visit a variety of countries around the world. She has narrowed down three locations she wants to visit most: Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

Even if Maki Kamimura doesn’t play golf around the world, she is more than happy playing golf at home. She finds the sport exciting, enjoyable, and competitive. She is aware of the stress playing golf can have on her body but she is young and still has plenty of energy to play the sport as often as she can. Maki Kamimura enjoys golf the most in the warm, but not hot, summer sun.

Medical Center Volunteer Maki Kamimura

Volunteers make a big difference every day in America. People volunteer for organizations that build homes for low-income families, care for animals in shelters, or work as volunteers in local medical centers. Maki Kamimura has long been interested in caring for others. As a soft-hearted individual, she hopes the day will come when everyone’s medical needs are met.

Maki Kamimura dreamt of becoming a doctor as a child. It was her ambition to help people and care for them in a way few others could. As an adult, Maki Kamimura is not a doctor, but she is a caring volunteer at her local medical center.

Maki Kamimura is a volunteer at City of Hope National Medical Center. The medical center is a private, not-for-profit research center, hospital, and graduate medical school. Maki Kamimura knows the medical center is well-known as a cancer treatment center.

Always one to care about the wellbeing and health of others, volunteering her efforts at the City of Hope National Medical Center seemed natural to Maki Kamimura. She knew her work and efforts at the center would be welcomed and appreciated by staff and patients alike. Even though Maki Kamimura did not become the doctor she had envisioned herself as when she was a young child, she still puts her effort into helping others as much as she can.

Maki Kamimura encourages people to look for ways to help others. Working as a volunteer can be very rewarding and Maki Kamimura enjoys her role tremendously. Volunteer work in a medical setting isn’t for everyone; Maki Kamimura suggests looking wherever you have a natural interest.

People have strengths specific to them, which may include a knack for working with kids, animals, seniors, the outdoors, the indoors, or in other areas. Maki Kamimura suggests looking at your strengths and interests. As a person who was once interested in becoming a doctor, Maki Kamimura maintained an interest in helping people in a medical setting.

Fauna Loved by Maki Kamimura

Maki Kamimura has a love and appreciation of animals. Like many Americans, she loves the idea of owning pets. Multiple studies have shown there are health benefits of pet ownership. While some people have preferences about the type of animals they allow in their home, Maki Kamimura appreciates each animal for the unique way they bring enjoyment into people’s lives.

Maki Kamimura sees the benefits of both cats and dogs. As an animal lover, she sees the need to support programs designed to save animals from the streets and help them find loving and respectable pet owners. Maki Kamimura finds domestic animals as delightful as wild animals.

Maki Kamimura loves to see all the unique and exotic animals found in her local zoo. Each animal comes from a specific ecosystem, and while zoos do not replicate that environment, she enjoys seeing the animals regardless. Maki Kamimura hopes that more people will support programs for wild animals as a result of seeing at-risk and endangered animals in zoos.

Maki Kamimura enjoys seeing animals from many different wild environments in documentaries and pictures. She believes bonds between animals and their humans can be special. Maki Kamimura loves animals and respects anyone willing to bring an animal into their home. Owning an animal or multiple animals is as much a burden as it is pleasure. Maki Kamimura looks forward to owning her own animal one day. However, as a young person, Maki Kamimura maintains dreams of traveling and she knows travel and owning animals are not compatible.

Some people don’t appreciate animals the way Maki Kamimura does. She sees them as valuable members of a family and in some cases, intelligent and useful. Maki Kamimura is thankful so many humans live with animals and that some bonds, like those between humans and dogs, are a normal part of society.

Maki Kamimura Wanted to Be a Doctor

Kids dream big. Being a kid is a wonderful time when it feels like almost anything is achievable and you can act out the profession you have hopes of one day doing. There are common themes shared across the culture; children dream of being firefighters, vets, doctors, ballerinas, and more.

When Maki Kamimura was a child, she wanted to be a doctor. As a young girl, Maki Kamimura had a heart of gold and didn’t want anyone to be in pain or suffer from illness or disease. She believed that as a doctor, she would be able to solve everyone’s medical problems and make them happy and healthy. However, as an adult, Maki Kamimura found her life going in a different direction.

Even though Maki Kamimura isn’t a doctor, she is still able to help people in a medical setting. She is a volunteer at the City of Hope National Medical Center, which performs medical research. City of Hope National Medical Center is nonprofit and enables Maki Kamimura to help a number of people in ways she is not able to otherwise.

Maki Kamimura may not have become the doctor she dreamed of when she was a kid, but she still plays golf as enthusiastically. Maki Kamimura dreamt of being a doctor but also to grow up and play golf. Today, Maki Kamimura still plays golf. Her favorite courses are in San Diego, California. Her favorite courses are La Jolla Country Club and Barona. Her earliest memories playing golf were of hitting balls with colorful golf clubs.

Maki Kamimura hopes people don’t give up on their dreams but she knows goals and dreams change as people get older. As Maki Kamimura grew up, her dream of becoming a doctor changed too. Although she does not help people as a medical doctor, she helps as a volunteer at the City of Hope National Medical Center.

Maki Kamimura Loves Beaches and Travel

Traveling is among the top desires and wants of most people. The ability of a person to actually go out and travel the world is dependent on several factors: health, free time, responsibilities, and money. Maki Kamimura is inspired to travel the world but as of right now, her dreams of traveling mostly remain only dreams.

Maki Kamimura, in her dreams to travel, envisions three dream vacations for herself. She would one day love to plan a vacation to New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. All three locations would be a change from her normal environment and Maki Kamimura knows she could embark on a number of adventures through travel. Maki Kamimura looks forward to experiencing new culture, food, dress, customs, and more.

In addition to travel, Maki Kamimura loves to spend time outside. Primarily, she loves to visit beaches. Maki Kamimura loves to see beaches that span for miles undisturbed, but living in California, there are often signs of habitation close to the water’s edge. However, even throngs of people don’t stop Maki Kamimura from enjoying time on the beach. She enjoys walking in the sandy soil and tanning in the sunlight.

Maki Kamimura has many plans to travel and many of them include visiting foreign beaches. However, the highlights of her future travels won’t be the beaches; the highlights will be the uniqueness of each location she visits. Maki Kamimura already appreciates the differences between the cultures of the United States and Japan. Maki Kamimura loves the Japanese culture and is familiar with many Japanese cultural customs. It is an understanding and appreciation she was raised with as a young child.

Maki Kamimura hopes to travel soon. She is still young and still has responsibilities at home. She is a volunteer at her local medical center and loves to play golf. Maki Kamimura hopes she will be able to travel freely soon.

Maki Kamimura Loves Being Outside

Spending time outdoors can be very healthy as long as you protect your skin from the harsh sun. Spending too much time indoors can not only be boring, but can also limit the amount of recreational activity a person performs. For Maki Kamimura, spending outside is not hard to do. She loves to spend time in the sun.

Maki Kamimura loves beaches and sunshine. To her, beaches and sunshine are a great combination. Beaches mean walks, games, and swimming. Beaches also mean the smell of sunscreen and sunshine.

When Maki Kamimura plays golf, she also spends plenty of time outdoors. Golf is a terrific recreational sport to do in warm weather, especially in the bright sunshine. Maki Kamimura’s favorite courses are La Jolla Country Club and Barona in San Diego, California. Maki Kamimura only plays in the best weather conditions, when she is comfortable and it’s not too hot to play.

Maki Kamimura noticed early she sleeps best on the days she has spent hours outdoors. She credits the fresh air with all of her great sleep. While being outside is nice, she thinks the air is best on the beach. Living in California, the smell of the salt water brings a natural calmness to Maki Kamimura. She loves San Diego, California, and the city inspired her to plan vacations and travel internationally.

Maki Kamimura feels sorry for people who are trapped indoors all the time. Not everyone is able to get out of the house or office during the best hours of the day. Maki Kamimura hopes people take advantage of as many free days as they can to perform outdoor recreational activities. Not only will people sleep better, as a result of the fresh air, but being outside will also encourage people to be more active, which helps with weight maintenance and weight loss.

Early Memories of Maki Kamimura Involve Golf

Golf is an important part of life to Maki Kamimura. It is something she often does in her spare time, and it is a sport she grew up playing. While golf can be an expensive sport, Maki Kamimura is proud to be a female playing a sport that used to be reserved exclusively for males. In her years of practice and play, Maki Kamimura has improved her skills as a golfer and looks forward to playing for many more years.

As long as Maki Kamimura can remember, she has loved to golf. Some of her earliest memories were of her hitting plastic balls with colorful plastic golf clubs. Since these memories are among her earliest, it is clear playing golf meant much to her as a young child and that she took great pleasure in playing the sport. Even now, Maki Kamimura finds golf to be a pleasurable recreational sport.

Maki Kamimura believes everyone should find a recreational activity they enjoy. She believes her love for golf is the result of her early introduction to the sport. Maki Kamimura believes more people should introduce their children to sports at a young age. While many parents put their kids in soccer or little league, Maki Kamimura hopes people will encourage their kids to try less common sports too. For young potential golfers, put-put offers a challenge and opportunity to practice hitting a ball with a club.

Maki Kamimura loves golf. Two of her favorite golf courses are in San Diego, California. Maki Kamimura enjoys playing at La Jolla Country Club and Barona. In the future, Maki Kamimura looks forward to traveling, and as a golfer, she hopes to enjoy golf on some international courses. So far, Maki Kamimura hopes to travel to New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. Many travel destinations have golf courses for international travelers and Maki Kamimura hopes to enjoy them one day.