Athletic Training

Megan Linn: Career Goal- To become an Athletic Trainer

Career Overview

Athletic Trainers are care professionals who treat injuries and medical conditions.

Such as spraining your ankle, muscles tightening, and concussions.

Skills & Interests

Applied Knowledge: must know a huge range of medical conditions, diagnose symptoms.

Decision-making skills: must have quick thinking when it comes to injuries.

Attention to detail: taking notes of recoveries, and to best keep them healing.

Interpersonal Skills: work with people in stressful situations

Working Conditions

As being under a health care team, you work under the direction of a physician. An athletic trainer can either work indoors or outdoors.

Wages & Outlook

The typical entry level of education is a bachelors degree. Also the typical wages of the US of a median is $43,976 per year. The growth percentage rate of 2012-2022 should increase by 21.2%.

Related Occupations

Other careers that are related to this field are a fitness instructor, sports coach, physical therapist, and occupational therapist.

Program Study

After high school, you need to have four years of college and graduate with a bachelor's or master's degree. Also having your medical licence.

Program Admission

Physical Education: many classes include lessons about human health and wellness.

Anatomy: helps students gain a solid foundation for the coursework they will be given in college

Biology, Physics, and Chemistry: they all link together in the athletic training career

Play a Sport: should have a solid understanding

Program Coursework

Typical courses you would take to major in athletic training, would be Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, First aid emergency care, Human anatomy, Kinesiology, and Nutrition

Related Programs

Some related majors include: Exercise Science, Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Physical Education, Teaching, coaching, Foods, Nutrition, and wellness studies.
So you want to be an Athletic Trainer


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