High School Summer Programs

Walled Lake: Credit Recovery & Advancement

THREE summer credit programs

1. In-person labs: Edgenuity courses with Walled Lake teachers

2. Virtual coaches with Walled Lake teachers

3. Edgenuity Instructional Services summer courses

IN-PERSON LABS with Walled Lake teachers

VIRTUAL credit recovery Summer Program

Edgenuity Instructional Services

  • Students may register for any courses offered through Edgenuity Instructional Services.
  • Summer tuition is $125 per course or $225 for a full 18-week semester.
  • Summer session is 10 weeks. Courses begin on June 11.
  • Students are eligible for reimbursement of tuition if they are doing CREDIT RECOVERY, enroll in the 10-WEEK PROGRAM, and if they complete their course(s) ON TIME.
  • Registration & payment will be available through RevTrak link: https://wlcsd.revtrak.net/#/home
  • Courses are NCAA eligible. No credit recovery or customized versions.
  • Available classes match those for the two programs above.
  • LIFETIME FITNESS is offered ONLY for credit recovery. No initial credit for this PE course.


Students may get more information about summer schools from any of these staff members:

1. Students' counselors in their high school

2. Member of the administrative staff assigned to the student

2. Dr. Lora Stout - ESC: lorastout@wlcsd.org of 248-956-2056