George Washington Carver

By Braiden Frisch


Have You Met A Guy Who Had Five Jobs? Well George Washington Carver Was A Botanist, An Artist, An Inventor, A Scientist, And A Teacher. Also Do You Like Peanut Butter If You Do Read To Find The Story Of The Person Who Made It.

Early Life

George Washington Carver Was A Slave, His mom Was Kidnapped And He Never Met His Dad. When All The Slaves Were Free He Didn't Have A Place To Live So His Slave Owner Let Him And His Brother Live There. His Slave Owners Name Was Moses Carver And Moses Carver's Wife's Name Was Susan Carver, They Later Became His Foster Parents. He Was Very Good With Plants At A Young Age He Could Nurse Sick Plants Back To Health. He Had Wooping Cough, So Susan Taught Him How To Do Indoor Chores Like Cleaning, Doing The Laundry, Doing The Dishes, Cooking, Sewing, And Cleaning.

Adult Life

George Washington Carver Was Very Good At Science And Became A Scientist. He Invented Many Uses For Sweet Potatoes Such As Soap And Candy. He Also Invented Many Uses For Peanuts The Most Known One Is Peanut Butter. Also He Was Invited By Booker T. Washington To Be Head Of The Agriculture Department At Tuskegee. Later He Was An Artist And Put His Paintings In A Museum Which Burned Down And One Painting Survived The Fire. Also George Washington Was A Botansist


"Nature Study Is Agriculture And Agriculture Is Nature Study If Properly Taught." Is One Of George Washington Carver's Quotes. George Washington Carver Is Remembered For Being Really Good With Plants. George Could Nurse A Sick Plant Back To Health In Little Time, When He Was Younger He Was Called "The Plant Doctor". George Is Also Known For Finding Uses For Peanuts And Sweet Potatoes. George Washington Carver Died In Tuskegee Alabama, In 1943 By Falling Down Stairs And Getting Amnesia. He Was Buried Next To Booker T. Washington At Tuskegee School.


Well Now Do You Know The Story Of The Person With Five Jobs? Also Do You Know The Story Of The Man Who Created Peanut Butter? Well I Hope You Do So You Can Tell All Your Friends.

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