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A quick summer update

July 2, 2013

Looking for some easy ways to read and write this summer? Check out the ideas below.

Book Exchange next week

Monday, July 8th, 6-7pm

35 Cedar St

Annandale, MN

Come to the Zuehlke garage to exchange your books next Monday, July 8th. Be thinking if you want books at the same level or different. If you didn't opt for borrowing books in the spring, but have changed your mind, feel free to stop in. We can definitely set you up with books for the rest of the summer. Our next exchange night is Monday, August 5th.

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I have added a new pictures from the end of the year as well as a zoo slideshow.

Kindergarten Beach Buddies' Blog

Apps to Check out...

Sand Drawing is a fun, free summer writing app where kids can practice writing star words, word family words, or sentences.
Little Story Maker is a nice free app for creating digital stories. Easy for kids to add pictures and text.