Little Sandcrabs Newsletter

May 2016

Weekly Visits Updates

As I look forward to our last month of the 2015-2016 school year, I can't help to think about all the wonderful things that have happened this year. All our elementary students have had an opportunity to be exposed to technology in their classrooms. Some teachers have taken the challenge to engage their students in using the technology. Many had their students create projects for our 1st Annual Technology Showcase. I was so proud of the projects that all of our students created for this showcase. It proves that our students can always reach far above any of our expectations we may have for them. During the upcoming month of May I look forward to sharing technology tools with students they can use to review for the upcoming STAAR. I am also finding technology resources that I am sharing links for teachers to use in the upcoming 2016-2017 school year. Now that you have been introduced to the Chromebooks I hope that each one of you will plan ways that you can integrate them into your lessons. Be sure to bookmark the resources being sent out to you so that you will have access to them for the next school year. Also don't forget to sign up for the summer technology training that will be offered in August.

Since this is my final newsletter for the 2015-2016 school year I would like to wish you all a restful and safe summer break. Be sure to take time for yourself and relax.

Chromebooks In The Classroom

This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week". All teachers matter!!! You all have a part in changing the lives of our students in a great way. I would like to take this time to shout out a "BIG THANK YOU" to all those teachers that took the challenge and used those Chromebooks. Some of you even step out of your comfort zone and used those Chromebooks for the first time in your class. Great Job and Keep Up the Good Work!!! Thank you so much for a successful 2015-2016 school year.

Final Thought

When it gets close to the end of the school year I always remember a bulletin board that my High School teacher put up at the end of the school year. It always puts a smile on my face when I think about it and her. She impacted my life in a special way. Every new year brings new challenges and new hopes for you and your students.
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