By: Jake Anderson

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was one of the first Negro baseball player to play in the major league, and he is a man that would change the life of segregation forever. Branch Rickey was the Dodgers coach and he hated the thought of segregation, he wanted to do something about it. He started to search for a black baseball player that would be able to take all the racial slurs and discrimination and not revolt and get all angry and lash out. Because if he did, he would be kicked out of the league for a small thing. Branch Rickey called it “the Noble Experiment”. It started off when Branc was coaching a team with a black player on it, and they were going to stay at a hotel but the manager didn't want the black player to stay in the hotel. Branch Rickey said that he would let the player sleep in the same room as him. The manager finally gave in. During that night, right before they were going to go to bed, Charlie, they black players name, started crying and trying to scratch his skin off because he was black. After that experience, Branch was determined to do something about the segregation that was being aimed toward Charlie. So he set out to find a player who would later be Jackie Robinson. Then, once he found Jackie, he started to tell him all the adversities he was going to have to through to achieve, and complete the overall goal of the Noble experiment which is to show that black baseball players can play just as well as white players, and to help segregation and racism die down a little bit. While he was playing, racist slurs were being thrown at him, and whenever the call would be close, the umpires would call him out just because of his race. Finally, when Jackie robinson finally achieved his goal, and he gave many black people the courage to fight against segregation. Jackie Robinson was really one of a kind.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is an eloquent and inspirational historical figure. He was born in 1874 at his grandfather's home, Blenheim Palace in Marlborough, England. His childhood was somewhat lonely because his parents traveled extensively and they weren't home very often. Because of this, he would cause trouble because his parents weren't there to guide him, and tell him the right and wrong things to do. Winston Churchill was a clear and forceful historical figure because he would make many speeches during World War 2 to inspire and give hope to people during that time. Churchill would inspire people to never give up, especially when he visited Harrow school, October 29, 1941, and was telling the teachers and students “Never give in, never give in, never never never never- in nothing, great or small, large or pretty- never give in.” However, he is best known for being prime minister of Great Britain during World War 2 and keeping them from being defeated. Overall, Winston Churchill was a good man that always tried to help out in times that people doubted that they would do well. Also during World War one, he fought in the war to protect great Britain. Shortly after the war he was elected prime minister.

Loosing to Win

Losing to win is a sad and depressing video about girls (The lady jags) that have awful parenting from people that abuse drugs and their own children. Because of this, the girls were sent to a Summer academy called Carroll Academy where a basketball team was hosted to bond with other girls that went through what every other student has gone through to not feel different and the odd one out. The teachers here also care about the girls more than their parents to make the girls feel like they are actually wanted there. At first, these girls were going through very hard adversities, and everyday, they would have to come home to a drunk mom or dad that was abusing drugs. Also, one of the girls explained how she tried marijuana when she was eight years old, because she was always around drugs because of her parents when they were too young to know that it was extremely bad for their body. Carroll Academy is a school for certain kids that were exposed to bad things at young ages like drugs, and their life is getting worse and worse. But this academy helped those individuals by creating a basketball team so that all the girls would be able to interact with each other throughout the year and learn to trust each other. In the end, the girls learned a lot from the academy and returned back to high school and continued their life in a better way. All the girls learned something from the academy that showed them how to interact with others and one of the girls learned to hold in her anger. Overall, these girls started of at this school feeling horrible, and then in the end the outcome was much better.

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