College and Career Ready!

By: Andrew Thrasher

Best way to get ready for college.

The best ways to get ready is to make sure you get help with getting ready for college and to ask questions whenever you need to. You always have someone to talk to about it if you are nervous and that is always a good thing.

Tips and risks for using soical media!

Colleges look at everything to see if you are a right person for their college. They even look at all your social media accounts and see what you post. They want to know that you are a good student and all around good person.
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Workplace etiquette and getting along with coworkers.

While working you want to be comfortable and always get along with the people you are working with. If you don't like someone try talking to them or talking to a hire person. Try not to start fights with anyone because you could end up getting fired.
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Workplace Dress code.

Dress code is very simple all you have to do is make sure you dress professionally. Also, when you go to your interview you want to also dress very classy and nice because they might hire you depending on what you are wearing.
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Dress code at work

College process

While getting ready for college there is a lot of steps to do before and you might be very confused on it so here is a website to help you with many questions you might have.

Career Search

When searching for the right career or a job that's right for you there is many websites you can go to for help.