Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics

Early Years

Some of Gregor Mendel's successes were that he had a great relationship with his teachers and he finished his degree when he was out of his college, University of Vienna. Some of his struggles were that he had troubles finding a job and that he failed at a lot of stuff like his college exams.

Experimental design

For his experimental design, he wanted to see how many forms or "species" he could make with pea plants. Some examples were that some of the new species can be formed into corss- breed and that whatever the mechanism of "genes", it would need to involve both the male and the female.


Some of the data he gathered were that when he combined peas that were yellow and peas that were green it always ended up yellow, but when he combined 2 peas that were the same 3/4 of them were yellow peas and 1/4 of them were green, which means that the ending ratios needed to be all the same.


Scientists reacted to Gregor Mendel's work as confusing because they didn't understand how pea plants could be applied to other organisms so they forgot his work for over 35 years.


The foundation of his theory explains how people get their hair color, eye color, facial features, etc. from their parents.


Dominant- Gene that will overpower another gene

Recessive- Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

CoDominant- Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive (both would show up)

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