Candy Tastic

double dispensing candy machine

A new design in dispencing

This machine allows you to dispense a perfect mix between original and sour skittles. One can also dispense either or.
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design prosses

1)- the problem- find a dispenser that can dispense two candies

2)- Research- most dispensers' can hold more than one candy but cannot dispense them at the same time. The ones that do already have them mixed together and they are in the same container

3)- solutions- make a dispenser with two cranks

dispenses both candies at once

special cranks that allows one to chose between one, the other, or both,with the new crank one can turn one of the other crank or both while using one hand and chose which candy they prefer.

4) best solution-the best solution would be to used the modified special crank

5)test- made ten prototypes and put in use in small stores, candy stores, and restaurants. work fairly well ( once people figured out how to use it). Took surveys, and consumers liked the idea.

6)- communicate- Open officially for sail at the 50th anniversary

7) improvement- more appealing to the eye and add a spiral tube for the candy

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The double shaft