color blindness

Cesar Montez

What color blindness is.

Its were you are not able to colors. They are mostly red, green, and yellow. so it means that is you look at the color red it will not look red. It happens when there is a genetic problem. They find out that you have it when the do screening when you are going to start school. It happens when a cell does not work how it needs to. Its something that just happens. They know why. They can do test to see what colors you are color blind to. They are not able to do anything about it. They just have to learn to live with it. I learned that there is more then one kind of color blindness. Its also something that happens to people when they are born. It can also can happen from other things like a eye injury.

Its more commen in one gender then the other.

For man it's 1 out of 12. For woman it's 1 out of 20. So it's seen more in man then in woman. The do not how why it just happens. The say it's just something that happens to people. They can also have problems that limit what they are able to do. They can for example have problems when they are driving. They will not be able to tell what color the lights are. So they will not how when the light is green or if it's a red light. So they do not know when they stop or when they go.

For man its 1 out of 12.

For woman its 1 out of 20.

There are realy no treatment for eye blindness.

It's just something that people learn to live with. They need to be able to live with the problem. They are able to do many things with time. They are able to live around there problem. So they can live all most normale life.

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