3H Class Newsletter

March 14, 2013

Poet in Residence

This past week the children had the pleasure of learning about poetry and writing their own poems with a famous poet, Therese Halscheid. Therese introduced the children to the works of famous poets like Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, and Ted Hughes. She let their poetry inspire the children to write their own free verse poems. Please ask your child to share their experience of writing with Therese. So many children wrote such incredibly deep and inspiring poems. The children will be bringing home copies of what they wrote to share with you soon!

Check out what we've been learning!

Writing: The children have continued to add to their informational stories as we begin to think about bringing that writing unit to a close. The children had the opportunity to use the fifth grade i-pads to research as they wrote about their topic. While doing that, they learned the importance of writing in their own words. They also learned that informational writing balances facts, opinions, and ideas very carefully. One important topic many children focused on in our last writing lesson on revision was rereading their work to make sure they wrote information that made sense and included correct capitalization and punctuation.

Reading: Children practiced making inferences and deciphering the author's purpose in a chapter from Ramona and Beezus and Judy Moody. We've gotten really great at figuring out what the author doesn't tell us directly, and we continue to improve on how to identify the author's purpose. Asking your child why they think an author wrote a particular text or paragraph is a wonderful question to ask while you read with your child at night!

Math: Children continued to bolster their multiplication and division fact power and apply that knowledge to more complicated problems like word problems and problems with parentheses. Children did a wonderful job learning the basics of the order of operations and will be taking their Unit 7 test this Friday. Please make sure your child is practicing his or her multiplication and division facts each evening.

Science: Children continue to work on their concrete poems which display their predictions for the five unknown chemicals we tested over the past few months. When children are finished their poems, they will discover the identities of the unknown chemicals!

Specials Schedule

Monday - Day 5

Study Island & Phys. Ed.

Tuesday - Day 6

Library & Art

Wednesday - Day 1

Spanish & Phys. Ed.

Thursday - Day 2


Friday - Day 3

Health & Computers

Important Dates & Reminders!

  • It is important that all third graders leave third grade having mastered their multiplication and division facts. The children should be able to answer 100 multiplication and/or division facts in 5 minutes and, most importantly, apply that fact knowledge to word problems. Please back sure your child studies each evening.
  • Please make sure your child is reading each night! Please see the link on this page or go to this website http://epe.leeschools.net/PDF/KRdgCompQs.pdf for questions you can ask to help bolster your child's comprehension skills.
  • Wednesday, March 19 - PTA meeting
  • Monday, March 24 - Report cards in Genesis
  • Friday, April 4 - Family Movie Night (Frozen) 6:15pm