Sugar Glider

Will F 8-113

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What Is a Sugar Glider?

What do and what they like

Sugar gliders are like kangaroos they are both marsupials they are born very immature
and grow up in a pouch on the mothers abdomen. Sugar gliders have fury membranes
that extend from there wrist to there ankles. Sugar gliders are very social and need and crave lots of companionship.This makes them bond well to there owners and if you can provide a lot of attention and spend the necessary time with your Sugar glider keeping a single Sugar glider can work. Otherwise consider keeping more then one Sugar glider. Sugar gliders are nocturnal so they will be active during the night. They will usually be happy to spend time with there owner during the day - sleeping in a pocket or bonding pouch.
Sugar Glider's Fight (chip vs rinkle)