Year 7 Geography

What are maps?

What Maps Actually Are?


Maps Are Natural or human made feauters of a landscape in either a oblique or a plan view.

A plan view: A Birds eye view that helps cover a large amount of space showing distance and how many things their are.

Oblique View: A side on view where you can end up measuring how big things are and how much closer they are maps dont usally use the oblique view because it dosent really give much information.

Different Types Of Maps!

The different maps are

-Choropleth map- a map that uses a range of shades to show a pattern

- Large Scale Map- a map that shows a small area in a large amount of detail

-Small Scale Map- a map that shows a large area in a small amount od detail

-Topographic map- shows the gradiance of a map.

In a map there are many different features that makes the word B.O.L.T.S and the word is used in every single map no matter what the word stands for-

B- boder---------> a boder that goes around the map to show where it ends

O- orientation-------> this shows where north south west or east is and which direction to go in

L- legend-------> A little table at the side shows what the symbols mean

T- title---------> no map is good without a title, a title shows what the map is about

S- scource--------> source shows where you got your information from its nessacary to have them in maps

S- scale--------> this shows how far is one square in the map might be a kilometre this shows how far the travelers have to go.

Maps always show us where to go and how to get their thats why maps are useful.

Maps in our eveyday life!

Maps are all around us they help us get to places and explains us how to get there we use them in our everyday life mostly with a G.P.S the old fashion way even if you are playing treasure hunt or a game the map it like a picture in you mind!