To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.

CTE Prime

A special thank you to Annemarie and Mark for putting together a terrific AED open house at Delcastle. Our night school was showcased well and attendees were provided the opportunity to visit classrooms. Guests were able to hear about our purpose and programs.

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Weekly Brief

1. As you know, I serve on the Redding Consortium. We heard from UD's new Education Dean on ways the university is working to increase their enrollment into the major. He specifically talked about Delaware residents attending, the degree requirements for secondary, and partnering with other schools.

2. Hodgson's CNAP and Culinary programs did an amazing job showcasing their programs at the Vision Coalition event. I'm not sure what culinary served, but it was ridiculously good.

3. A special thank you to the schools taking advantage of our opportunity to visit MDavis. I had the chance to tour their facility with HVT students and learn more about their operation.

Up Ahead: Step UP

1. Best of luck to the Howard Wildcats' football team as they take on Archmere tonight a 7:00 at Caravel.

2. A couple of us are meeting with Bob Martz, who was the community coordinator for the United Way. He has worked extensively to support the LGBTQ community and bring awareness to people in the community. He provides training and key data, such as LGBTQ youth are four times more likely than their peers to attempt suicide.

3. This week I am meeting with Senator Lockman to discuss various NCCVT priorities.

4. Our Admin Workshop is this week beginning at 3:30. We will have a tight agenda and will begin our study of the The Speed of Trust. Many of you have already started, even finished the book, however, please read up to page 90 by Thursday. This will allow us to dig into trust and explore the first two Cores of Credibility: Integrity and Intent.

Take the Time to Climb: Principle M -- Management

"What's measured improves." -- Peter Drucker

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Going Beyond...

One of our core principles asks us to move from planning and prioritizing to executing and monitoring. Have you ever felt that you're always starting over? I recently had a former teacher, at a St. Georges football game, ask me, "So Joe, what's the district's focus this year?" It wasn't meant to be a snarky or a rude comment, but rather a realization that education is synonymous with new programs, initiatives, and focus. My response, "teaching and learning."

One common complaint among educators is that we are constantly starting something new. In many ways, those who feel this way are not wrong. As leaders we need our adjustments and changes to be born from our monitoring phase and anchored in our daily work. This creates an awareness among everyone to why adjustments are being made and how it should lead to improvement.

Consider blind-spot detection technology in cars. This was created by Volvo over 15 years ago to help driver's become more aware of their surroundings to reduce accidents. The side-view mirror didn't change, it still serves a basic function, Volvo just made it better and more useful.

The areas we supervise should be managed the same way. We are not changing the basic tenets of teaching and learning, we are just embracing the goal of smart technology--make it better.

Important Dates

  • Admin Workshop -- 21st
  • ABC Annual Awards Dinner -- 21st
  • NCC Chamber Breakfast -- 22nd
  • Interim Reports -- 26th
  • 1st Parent Speaker Series event -- 12/4
  • Holiday gathering at St. Georges -- 12/4