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The most efficent way to gurantee technology service is by submitting a technology work order. For our work order system we use eWorkorders. Once you login to the eWorkorders system you will see all work orders that are assigned to you.

You will also need to create your own work orders to keep track of your time daily. At the end of each week you should have at least 40 hours of labor in the work order system. Click on this link to access the technology work order site:

Login Screen and changing password

Input the user ID and password that was assigned to you by the TMS helpdesk. Once you login you can change your password by going to the menu on the left select settings, select change password, follow the steps, and select save. Once you have changed the password logout and log back in with your new password.

How to fill out a work order properly

When you are inputting your own work orders in the system make sure the work order type, status, and priority are coded correctly. Select the campus where the work will be completed and include detailed information of the problem along with what steps you have took to resolve the problem.

Work Order Types

There are 6 work order types. Most work orders will be submitted as a service request. The picture to the left identifies each type, below are brief descriptions of the types.

1 - Service Request: This request should be used for most technology work orders.

2 - Security Access: For requesting security to a program. (Ex - TEAMS or Security Camera) This will require approval from a direct supervisor.

3 - Technology Order/Quote: When needing to purchase new equipment or you need a quote to submit to your supervisor select this option.

4 - Tech Training: Need additional training on specific classroom/administrative software or hardware.

5 - Scheduled: This type should only be used if you are waiting on someone else in order to complete the work order. (Ex - waiting on a part or vendor). To have an existing work order changed to scheduled you will need to contact the help desk with the work order number and the reason for changing the work order type.

7 - iPad App Request: To request apps for shared iPad carts.

Work Order Status

There are 3 work order status options. The picture to the left identifies each status. Below is a brief description of how the status is used.

1 - In Progress: Default status as long as you are working on the work order the status should stay at In Progress

2 - Complete: Work orders that have been closed.

5 - Needs Funding: Only used by TMS Staff.

Work Order Priority

Each work order should be assigned a priority. The priority corresponds to the districts Service Level Agreement (SLA). When inputting your work order make sure you are selecting the appropriate priority. The picture to the left identifies each priority. Below is a brief description of each one for a more detailed description click on the above link:

1 - Emergency: This priority is only used when the district is completely down.

2 - High: This priority is used when a major system component is down and there is no alternative available.

3 - Instructional: This pertains to teacher or student technology work orders

4 - Administrative: This pertains to office staff or support center technology work orders.

Work order assignments

Each campus has their own TMS technician assigned to them. If there is a technology problem you are unable to resolve please reassign the work order to your campus technician. In feedback notes record all steps taken to resolve the problem.

You should try to look at all work orders the day they are received. If you are not able to resolve the problem reassign to the campus technician that day so it does not become an overdue work order.

User Fields

Please make sure to completely fill out your technology work order. One section that gets missed on almost all work orders is user field. This tab will classify what type of work you did for the requester. This does not get filled in when a teacher submits a work order so you will need to populate this field. The list of user fields are below, select your job type, next to your job type is a drop down box select the description of what you did to complete the job.
Big picture

Closing a Work Order

Once you have completed a work order, please close it within the same day the work was completed. You close a work order by selecting the Labor link in the My Work Orders window. Labor is calculated in 1/4 hour increments. So if a job took you 15 minutes your labor hours would be .25. Include a brief description of what you did to resolve the problem in the labor feedback notes. Navigate back to "My Work Orders" check the done box next to the completed work order and select "close checked work orders".

If you were not able to repair the problem, log your labor hours. After you have logged your labor, then you would reassign that work order to your TMS technician.

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