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.....with Kelly Moore & Susan Drumm

O365 Mail Clutter

Recently, several staff members have been asking us about the Clutter folder in their Office365 online email. Specifically - items they need to be seeing are sent to Clutter - like Junk mail, leading to cries of, "Hey, I needed to see that - it was important!" Read on to learn about Clutter and what you can do about it!

What is Clutter?

  • Clutter is a feature of your email that is 'smart software'. It looks at your email patterns....what do you do with email from this person.....what do you do with email about this subject.....etc. It then tries to decide if you feel it is important or not - then it automatically shuffles items into the clutter folder as 'low priority'.
  • Clutter and junk email are both filtered out before going to your inbox.
  • Incoming mail is evaluated by HSE's guidelines first for Junk Mail, if it passes through, Clutter analyzes it to filter out types of messages you ignore, don't respond to, or don't read and compares it to past actions regarding those types of messages.

Why are important items important ending up in my Clutter; what can I do about it?

  • The software has not yet learned what items are of value to you.
  • You can train the software until it smartens up, or you can turn off the Clutter feature.

How do I train the Clutter software?

  • From the Clutter folder, select an item and move it into your Inbox. This can be done via drag & drop.
  • This action is recorded by the software, and it's usually enough to signal your preferences to the system.
  • Click here for a quick video demonstration.

Can do I turn OFF the Clutter feature?

Want To Learn More?

Click here to be taken to Microsoft's Support for Clutter.

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