Trust Me, I'm Lying

Author: Mary Elizabeth Summer

A Mystery Novel

By: Maggie Yang

Main Characters

Other Characters

Joe- Julep's dad, who gets captured by a mob.

Heather- She is a good friend of Julep and her mom is crazy about college.

Mrs. Stratton- Heather's crazy mother that wants her to go to NYC.

Fred- A homeless man that lives in front of Julep's apartment building.

Bryn Halverson- A girl that goes to Julep's school. Bryn is Head JV cheerleader.

Murphy Donovan- He is a soft, bespectacled nerd from Julep's biology class.

Mike- He is a barista that gets hired by Sam to become a spy.

Dani- She is a spy that watches over Julep and helps her find her dad.

Petrov- He is the head of a group of mob called the Strand.


The novel Trust Me, I'm Lying is a mystery novel by Mary Elizabeth Summer.

Julep Dupree tells lots of lies. She's a grifter, a con artist, and a master of disguise. She is sophomore at a swanky high school, St Agatha High in Chicago. Trying to keep an A+ (okay A-) average at school.

She comes home one day with her whole apartment turned upside-down with her father missing. Finding different clues that her dad probably left for her to find him. Getting help from prince-charming, Tyler Richland, and her trusty sidekick and hacker, Sam. Julep struggles to find her dad with hints of evidence. Going through a maze of creepy stalkers, hit attempts, and family secrets. She goes all around town to find the clues, and skipping school. Along the way Julep gets into a gun fight and sneaking past different people, and getting caught by polices and stalkers. Will she ever know what the clues mean, and will she ever find her dad? This novel has a lot parts where you feel like your inside the book. I look forward reading the second book in the series.

Main Events

Important Clues

Clue #1- Beware The Field Of Miracles.

Clue #2- Men Turn Into Boys When Consumed By the Land Of Toys

Clue #3- There Is No Escape From The Dogfish

Clue #4- Trova La Fata Turchina

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Author: Mary Elizabeth Summer

Mary Elizabeth Summer contributes to the delinquency of writing books about teenagers with criminal leanings. She went to college at Wells college and got a bachelor's degree in creative writing. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her wife, their daughter and their cat. Trust me I'm Lying is her first novel in the series.

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