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February 28, 2020

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Texas Conference Music Festival In Full Swing

The Texas Conference runs a music festival each year for 7th and 8th graders. Student can participate in the choir, band, or orchestra. It began on Thursday and leads up to the grand performance on Saturday afternoon. It is a sight to take in. The power 500+ kids singing and playing together in harmony. It make me imagine how incredible heaven will be with thousands upon thousands.

Let's Keep KAES Well

We have had a vary healthy year. However over the last week we have have had an uptick in the number of student going home with a temperature over 100 degrees. We are having the school disinfected each night to help kill lingering germs. Teachers are disinfecting their classroom daily along with designating times to remind students to wash hands throughout the day. We need you help at home too. If you child does not feel well please keep them home. Remember school policy is that students should stay home until they have been 24 hours with out a fever. Thank you for helping us all stay healthy.
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KAES 6th Grade Experiences A Medieval Banquet

I not talking about Medieval Times although they went there too. To celebrate the end of the unit the 6th grade celebrated with a Medieval Banquet. Each student had a role to play from the lord or lady to serves, magician, jesters, poets, musicians and acrobats. Student really got into their studies.
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Congratulation to Garrett Hopps for Taking A Stand For Jesus

Volleyball Night for 6th and 7th Grade Girls

We will have an open gym on Saturday night March 7, from 7- 9pm for any 6th or 7th grade girl that would like to work on their volleyball skills. Parents on the approved volunteer list for KAES are welcome to stay and help out.

Dr. Seuss Literacy Night Thursday March 5 6:00pm

This Thursday evening we will have our Dr. Seuss Literacy Night. If your child loves hearing stories you will want to bring him/her to the library this Thursday evening. KAES students will read classic Dr. Seuss stories, provide a theme craft, and share a snack. This event is open to everyone so tell our friends and bring your neighbors.

Dismissal Changes

We definitely ended the week better then we started. We were out of the routine but it got better. Let's continue to show compassion, love and kindness to each other in our KAES family.

We will continue to dismiss students in the elementary building at 2:55pm and students in the middle school building at 3:05pm. If you have children in both buildings we ask that you pick up at 3:05pm, the designated dismissal time for the middle school. The same pattern of dismissal will be observed on Fridays with the time being 1:55pm for our elementary building and 2:05pm for our middle school building. Thank you for adjusting your schedule accordingly to help alleviate traffic for the remainder of the school year.

KAES Marimba Groups Were Invited To Play At The Keene Chamber Job and Health Expo

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Monday - Nachos, Pinto Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Fruit, Milk

Tuesday - Calzone, Chips, Cucumber Salad, Marinara Sauce, Fruit Juice, Milk

Wednesday - Baked Potatoes, Chili Beans, Dinner Rolls, Broccoli, Fruit, Milk

Thursday - Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Cauliflower, Spring Mixed Salad, Fruit, Milk

Friday - Hot Dog, Tater Tots, Carrots Sticks, Cheese Strings, Dessert, Fruit Juice, Milk

Important Dates To Remember


Mar. 5 - Dr. Seuss Literacy Night 6:00pm

Mar. 6 - Dr. Seuss Book walk 9:00am

Mar. 7 - KAES Kids Sabbath at Keene Spanish Church

Mar. 10 - School Board Meeting 7:30pm

Mar. 12 - Field Trip to Perot Museum (4th grade)

Mar. 13 - Jump rope for heart

Mar. 13 - Half Day 12:00pm Dismissal

Mar. 13 - End of 3rd Quarter

Mar. 16-20 - Spring Break

Mar. 22-19 - Outdoor School (5th & 6th grade)

Mar. 23 - Start of 4th Quarter

Mar. 27 - Visitors Day (tell your friends)


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