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February 7, 2019

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From Tim: The significance of 100 days

It was a busy week for our K-1-2 students! Tuesday morning was K-1-2 Dance Day; each homeroom had the opportunity to share dance performances led by director Angie Martyn. The dances were expressive, uplifting and joyful, and I can’t imagine a more direct embodiment of our value of creativity, joy and the celebration of childhood.

This week also brought one of our great K-1-2 traditions, the annual “hundreds day” celebrations. In typical creative fashion, our students displayed individual representations of what one hundred looks like. This year's variety included everything from one hundred melting crayons to one hundred popsicle sticks to one hundred fingers (well, twenty handprints). The imaginative projects integrate math, art and presentation skills, and at the heart lies a key element of our approach to teaching mathematical concepts.

We give students many ways to experience what numbers mean. Instead of simply talking about a number like one hundred, which for K-1-2s is a substantial number indeed, we give them hands-on opportunities to build their understanding of what 100 looks like. One student chose to create one hundred ways to make one hundred with addition and subtraction – with equations such as: 63 + 37 = 100 and 1,900 - 900 = 100. Once the concept of a hundred is firmly in place, students can expand their personal number sense to larger numbers; in other words, "If one hundred looks like this, what would a thousand look like?" “What about a million?”

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Top Five Things

1. Fairness, Equity & Empathy in K-5 social-emotional classes

Get a vivid picture of how our K-1-2 and 3-4-5 students learn to grow their definition of fairness –

from simply sharing equally to discovering how much the concept of equity really encompasses. Read an overview from Allison and Laura in this week's Learning Report blog.

2. Don't mind the weather - STAN Talks is on tonight!

Don't miss STAN Talks 4 and the induction ceremony for 2019 Spirit of Stanley award recipient David Marais. Join us in the ballroom at 7 p.m. for 8-minute talks from 3 alum, craft beer and winter warmth!

3. Stanley families and staff sharing photos online

Are you sharing photos with your classrooms? Stanley is! Want to see what's going on during the school day or on excursions? If so, log into, Stanley's private photo-sharing site, or get help setting up your account.

4. Winter is a time for gear-heads...

Our first snow day tells us winter is in earnest this year! Recent weather reminds us how changeable the conditions are in Denver. We've roped off some of the icy spots on campus. Please send your kids to school with gear to ensure a safe time outdoors: Hat, coat, mittens and especially boots or shoes with a good tread to keep them happy and upright during their days.

5. Traduce nuestras páginas web, ድረ-ገጻችንን ይተርጉሙ

Busque "Traducir" en la parte superior de cualquiera de nuestras páginas web en o haga clic en "traducir" en la parte inferior de este boletín para leer las noticias de Stanley en su idioma nativo. (Look for "Translate" at the top of any of our web pages at, or click "translate" at the bottom of this newsletter to read Stanley news in a language you prefer.)