Mirabeau B. Lamar

The Father of Texas Education

Earlier Life

1. Mirabeau B. Lamar grew up on a plantation in Georgia.

2. He found pleasure in reading and was very smart.

3. He was accepted to PRINCETON UNIVERSITY!!!

4. He made a horrible decision by choosing not to attend.

5. This lead to his "career" of being a merchant and running a newspaper.

6. This failed...

7. Later in life, he went to study law and ran a campaign for the U.S. Congress that again...


As you can tell, he was pretty unsuccessful but he eventually was named...

The Father of Texas Education

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Steps to the Public School System

What about his life outside of education?

Lamar was:

1. The second president of the Republic of Texas before and after President Sam Houston

2. However, away from politics, he was a POET, DIPLOMAT, and a SOLDIER for the Republic of Texas as well

Main Source

I got most of my info here aside from some very little info that was gained elsewhere.