Natural Disaster


Volcano lava is a reddish orange and scary substance that can reach up too 1,165 degrees. Although it may be hot it also can move up to 40 miles per hour. Certain volcanoes erupt very rarely but some volcanoes almost never stop. A volcano is a mountain that is hollow on the inside with molten volcanic rock just waiting to shoot free. When the lava tends to shoot out it shoots out about 1,000-2,00 feet in the air.In conclusion Volcanoes are not only scary but very dangerous.
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scary and some erupt and sometimes never stop,

glowing a light reddish orange,

many people fear,

nobody would cheer,

a mountain that is hollow on the inside filled with malted rock,

magma shooting at high heights,

moves about 40mph,

magma is scorching at 2,120 degrees Fahrenheit,

destroying many lives,

some survive,

some don’t.

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