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The Nation has been raving about NeriumAD - age defying night cream -

And, now they're raving about NeriumFIRM!

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Join us at the home of Shatoya Hoskin!

Monday, July 28th, 5pm

4427 Melroy Avenue, Apt B, Columbus OH, 43227 United States

This will be a special evening revealing local results, and sharing more about what Nerium International has to offer.

Shatoya Hoskin

4427 Melroy Avenue, Apt. B

Columbus, OH 43227

5:00pm Munch & Mingle

5:30pm Presentation

Simplicity Wins!

NeriumAD is ONE simple product, ONE simple step that helps everything from the neck up!

Fine lines, deep lines, emerging lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, discoloration, pigmentation issues, and overall aging skin - no more systems, just one step at night!

Simplicity WINS again!

NeriumFirm is ONE simple product, ONE simple step, that women and men are raving about nation-wide.

No wraps, no pills, no "extra" services, ... nothing but


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