Google Secrets for YOUR Success

Essential Digital Skills for Students

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Why Attend?

The more comfortable you are with integrating Google tools, the more successful you will be in your classes next school year.

Taking this class will help you avoid feeling frustrated and losing valuable time fighting with the Google app or tool you are trying to use. Instead, this class will help you focus on creating assignments, presentations and other products that ROCK!

We will start with basics and end with in-depth hacks you won't be able to live without. I will customize the lessons based on attendees skills and needs. Don't miss this opportunity!

DATES: July 15 - July 19

TIME: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

LOCATION: Locust Fork High School Library

DEVICES: Chromebooks available OR bring your own laptop

FOOD: Pack a lunch OR eat before class


July 15: Classroom, Drive, Docs & Keep

  • How to navigate Classroom
  • How to organize and search your Drive
  • How to Share and manage permission
  • How to format Docs
  • How to use Add-ons and Extensions to do more
  • How to check your spelling and grammar with Grammarly
  • How to use Keep for notetaking in class
  • How to collaborate with your classmates

July 16th: Slides, Forms & Sheets

  • How to take Slides to the next level
  • How to use Forms to be a student leader
  • How to manage data and charts in Sheets

July 17th: Gmail, Calendar, & Meet

  • How to make Gmail work for you
  • How to manage your Contacts
  • How to organize your life with Calendar
  • How Hangouts and Meet can ease the pain of group projects
  • How Tasks and Reminders will remember for you

July 18th: YouTube, Sites & other Fun Stuff.

  • How to use Google Search like a Pro!
  • How to customize your YouTube Channel
  • How to manage your Photos
  • How to build digital portfolios with Sites
  • How to use Maps for more than just directions

July 19th: Cool tools that work well with Google

  • Adobe Spark is Awesome!
  • Flipgrid is your Friend!
  • Screencasting is Super Easy!
  • Canva is so Cool!
  • Design Cap digital Posters for FREE!
  • Wakelet is the Way to Go!
  • Padlet is perfect for sharing ideas!
  • PDF Candy is Sweet!
  • Bookmark like a Boss!
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P.S. Parents, feel free to register your student through the link above if you want your student to participate.

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Program Provided by: Blount County Education Foundation & Blount County Board of Education

Grindl Weldon

Google Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Educator

Library Media Specialist

Locust Fork High School