Ideal Times

October 2013

All School Activities

Panther Pals

Our whole school met for Panther Pals on Thursday, October 17th. Our groups discussed the quote "When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind." Focusing on the qualities of being good citizens, students were presented various scenarios and discussed what good choices look like. It was great to learn that despite being in different grade levels, our groups still agreed that choosing to be KIND was the best thing to do!

Greek Mythology All-School Meeting

Our 2nd All-School Meeting was held on Thursday, October 24, 2013. Our genre of focus was Greek Mythology, led by 4th Grade! Students learned the vocabulary associated with Greek Mythology through a Prezi presentation and participated in activities by representing different Greek Gods and their actions. We watched the power hour classes perform "The Midas Touch" and "Pandora's Box". Thank you to our top Taffy Apple sellers! Great Job! Join us next month for our Technical Text All-School Meeting! It will be on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 9:00am.

Grade Level News

2nd Grade: Friendly Letters to Veterans

This month one of our 2nd grade goals was to learn to write a friendly letter. We were excited to join Ideal School in sending friendly letters to a Veteran. We discussed why we should celebrate these brave heroes. We read a story about the Honor Flight program. We hope our friendly letters will make someone feel special.

3rd Grade: Exploring Character Traits!

Third graders have been exploring the many different types of character traits. We have examined our own traits and how they make up our personalities. Also, we have read many wonderful books searching for the character’s traits and finding evidence to prove our thinking. We are currently working on the last piece of our project where we will write letters to the bully.

We want to tell them why it is important to be kinder than they feel. Come back next month and read more about it!

4th Grade: Focus on Mythology

The fourth graders have been studying Greek mythology for almost two months now, and we were thrilled to share what we’ve learned at an epic all-school meeting last Thursday, October 24. The students acted out Greek myth plays, taught the audience how the Greek language influences many English words, and even sang some silly songs about mythological gods and monsters. We’ve learned that myths helped people explain why things happened in the world (before science figured a lot of it out), and we’ve realized that Greek mythology still plays a big part in our culture today. We will be sad to see this unit come to an end – it’s been fantastic!

The Ideal Bulletin Board

Birthday Books

If your child would like to share the gift of reading for his/her birthday, consider buying a book for the Ideal Library in honor of your child. Click here to see the library's Amazon wishlist. You can purchase a book from this list OR bring $10.00 to Mrs. Rodkey in the LLC and she will help you pick out a perfect birthday book.

November Breakfast and Lunch Menus

See what's cooking at Ideal School. Click here for the Ideal Breakfast and Lunch Menu.

PTO Events

11/4 - 11/8: Book Fair (evening hours during parent-teacher conferences).

11/7/13: Market Day pick up (last day to order Monday 11/4)

11/9/13: Ideal Vendor Fair (Ideal Gym 9am- 3pm) -

11/11/13: No School --Come Join us at FLYING HIGH-- Pizza FUNdraiser Lunch 11am -2pm

11/14/13: Ideal PTO meeting 8:45am

11/20/13: Fun Lunch

District 105 Events

11/4/13 Early Dismissal 2pm

11/4/13 1st Day of Parent Teacher Conferences

11/6/13 Early Dismissal 2pm

11/6/13 2nd Day of Parent Teacher Conferences

11/11/13 Veterans Day – No School

11/13/13 Team 105 Volleyball

11/21/13 District FAST Program

11/25/13 Team 105 Volleyball

11/25/13 District 105 Board Meeting

11/27/13 – 11/29/13 Thanksgiving Break