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Two free games to play!

Sea of the dark.

This game is one of the two games that will be able to test on 23rd of april. This game will have bugs as it is still in beta, but there will be a lot of updates for the game. The game has two levels and, the story is that the player is lost and has found there way to sea of the dark, the darkness in this sea needs to be killed. This game has 2 levels and the you complet this game by killing the boss and getting to the hut.


This game is in very early alpha stage, but we are lauching it at the same time as Sea of the dark. This game has quite a few bugs in it but we are working to find all the bugs and fix it, this game is for 5-7 year olds, both girls and boys but everyone can play it. This game is more of a quick, racing game so you could play it before school.

Best to get the games while they are still free!

The games.

The games are still in their beta and alpha stages, and because of this there wil be limted levels, but we are trying to improve the games each day so there will be quite a few updates for them. When the games will get past the alpha and beta stages we do not know, but we are trying to work as quickly as we can to work out all of the bugs.
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The games are made by the rings of games company.


Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 9pm

Monkseaton, United Kingdom

Whitley Bay, England

Where you can downlode it

The first time we are lauching the games is aprill 23rd.

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