Steps to come to Canada as an economic immigrant!

If you want to come Canada as an economic immigrant and you want to get accepted, you should go to this link: http://www.cic.gc.ca/englisH/immigrate/index.asp and you need to do a self-assessment test. You should get 67 points in the self-assessment test to qualify. The test is going to ask you questions about your Education , The Ability in Canada's Official Languages, Work Experience , Your Age, Arranged Employment , The Adaptability , With these some questions you will get points and they will see if you are qualified or not. The next step is that you have to Complete a formal application and submit to Citizenship and immigration Canada, Pay application fee, Pass a medical exam that shows you do not have any illnesses that could endanger Canadians or strain Canada's health care system, Finally you should pass a security check that shows you have no criminal record and are not a security risk to Canada. That all what you should do and they will say YES or NO.

If YES, Welcome to Canada.

Why come to Canada?

Why not? We have an excellent economy and a very safe environment. If you’re from a different race or have different customs or religion, you shouldn't worry at all because you have the right to practice your own religion! Not just that, Canada is a free country so you have many different rights and freedoms! We are guaranteed that you will be living in a safe and economic environment. Canada is also a very beautiful country and there are many different places you can go for sightseeing such as British Columbia, Saskatoon, Ontario, Toronto, Alberta, etc. We have tour guides that will show you around or you can feel free to go around by yourself with your families! Canada also has many different job opportunities such as working at shops, being a teacher, just anything! You can apply to any job you want and you’ll be able to take different shifts for different times or days, this would truly be a great experience for you! So come along to Canada and you will be able to do any of these things, and many others!
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The first picture is the Bow Hunting Road in British Columbia! The second picture is one of the lifts you can go on to have a tour around Banff Gondola, Alberta.