E safety

Keeping you. Safe on the Internet

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Simple pictures like this can make u go Viral on Facebook adding to your wall ,page etc can make you seen photos of your self can just make u an easy target to get hacked Id loads of stuff or even putting live in Clevedon Bristol anywhere you'll get found out so watch out and think about what you do !!!!!!!?????
Simple pichure just are as dangerous as the rest but it is even worse when you tagged or post going out to say the mall people see that and could follow you and stuff it not the best way to get noticed

Popping in to Asda bad Idea don't post on Facebook be safe

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Don't face looking like this from getting to big at posting were your going!!!! Think ?

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BE SAFE !!!!!!!!!

Be the major one don't face the Consequence is

Think you now someone really well on Facebook but never met them

Think you met your new boyfriend or girlfriend

Well don't you never now the girl could be a boy and the girl could be a boy